G1X and 60 sec. exposure in a bright sunny day!! (pics)

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Re: G1X and 60 sec. exposure in a bright sunny day!! (pics)

No tape was used, sometimes I had to put my hand-up to block the light (but not often).

So far It seems that the light leakage only occurs when the camera is in vertical position and light is in such angle that will leak in (this could also happen when in horizontal position, but I haven't encounter any issues here yet). Again I have not taken many pictures yet, so I need to take more picture to have a more solid conclusion/findings. But one thing is certain-the filter adapter is not well designed for the use of ND filters as it does leak light.

More about this issue here:


Randy Benter wrote:

Did you use tape to stop the light leak from the Canon adapter or was it just mysteriously present on some shots and absent on others? I notice one of these shots is the same as the other thread but one looks good, while the other is ruined. It would be nice to use filters with the G1X, but I am not going to put tape on my camera to fix a problem that Canon should address.

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