7D firmware 2.0 & the vertical banding issue

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Re: 7D firmware 2.0 & the vertical banding issue


There are lots of ways to localize the area you want to work on to avoid, which you accurately talk to, global changes to the rest of the image. The LR4 adjustment brush is a great example of being able to mask off the shadow area you'd like to raise without touching the rest of the image. Additionally, onOne lets you "paint" in an adjustment area in a similar fashion.

kcbeatty wrote:

Well, I can confirm that the problem doesn't appear to be a FW 2.0 issue. When I made the described adjustments in an image shot last month and compared to an image I shot after the FW update the results were basically the same.

My problem is that the premiss of this complaint is flawed. Taking an image that has some areas of dark shadows. You apply a global change to the entire image to correct these specific issues. And then you complain that the areas of the image that were properly exposed are adversely effected? I'm sorry that I don't see this as a camera issue. Am I missing something here?

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