Any OM 24mm 2.8 Users out there?

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Re: Any OM 24mm 2.8 Users out there?

OK ! OK ! Time for me to double check on my earlier post !

Since apparently most every one think this lens is outstanding, i felt it deserved a fresher look. I have kept this lens from my OM1 days (along with a few other zuiko lenses too). It being the first single lens that I purchased, back in 1977, and it being my favorite lens on the OM1 (my Jean-Loup Sieff period) I really wanted to like it a lot.

So I fitted it on the camera this morning and did a few tests along with the 28mm, the kit lens, the zuiko 50/1.8, a few russian oldies etc…

I have to say that I do agree that it is a sharp lens even at full aperture, giving warm colors and a soft contrast.

Now is it worth spending no less than 200 euros (dollars) to use it on a 5n ? Frankly, for me, not really. It is no pancake and no more pocketable than the kit lens, wich is almost as sharp and gives a much better contrast. Maybe, before buying one, can i suggest that you give it a try and figure out for yourself if you want to spend that much on it.

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