Frustrated with this Forum's Photographic Examples

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I always take critics with a grain of salt who have nothing in their gallery.

I enter many of the competitions here where I only average uh...better than average. but still, being part of the community here is important to me, as is getting feedback on my work.

I love photography and my photos even though I'm not good enough to be a pro. If someone posts crap images, I simply don't comment unless I have specific advice, presented in a friendly way, how they could be better.

Still, the spirit of the OPs message is correct: there is a lot of measurebating and test shots. The cats and kids (your kids are all lovely, don't take it personally!) are often just so-so because the photographer already has an emotional interest in the subject matter. We all believe that nobodies kids are as cute as ours. We have an emotional reaction to seeing pictures of our kids, grand kids and wives - we're human and you're supposed to get that - but the average unattached viewer may not.

Even so, I really appreciate every image posted here, even the bad ones because besides the hardware aspect of this forum, I think building a community based on sharing a common art form using a certain piece of hardware adds to the overall positive spirit. I'm happy that comments like "learn photography" or "that could have been taken with a point-and-shoot" have been reduced since I've been here.

Besides that, if you present even your lousy images to a large enough community, someone will like it. I think that's why you see lots of positive comments even to bad images: just the sheer volume of viewers.

You can't deny that if feels good to have someone say that they like your image. That's one of the motivations that I think we should encourage, not discourage.

PS: more wives pics please

drifter605 wrote:
And Mick5 who agrees with him has a pic of a cat & some houses!!!

tashley wrote:

I can't help but wonder why, given his complaint, the OP has no images in his gallery, nor a link to any in his signature?

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Ridicule is not C&C nor is it being helpful nor "stating your opinion"

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