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re: possible source of errors

apersson850 wrote:

But it works the same way, in principle. The firmware update is done by using the *.FIR file on the CF card. It's just a question about using different methods of placing the file on the CF card. In none of the cases does the firmware file stay in the computer. It would be difficult for the camera to see it in that case.

this is correct; however, there is one important distinction:

  • as OP's body 1.25 was fully functional, capable of writing *.cr2/*.jpg files to a CF card, then downloading through USB and writing *.fir to CF that way should also be error free;

  • not necessarily so for reading from the CF by camera with the (already installed FW 1.25);

just a hypothesis, of course, esp. as OP just disappeared without any
further participation in unraveling the mystery :D,


PS the most obvious explanation would be putting the *.zip file on CF,
instead of *.fir, but hopefully it was excluded before everything else?
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