Underwater housing for RX100

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Re: Underwater housing for RX100


I am after Nauticam RX100, video version.
I have D800 and NEX7 housing from Nauticam.

What I learn from NEX7 experience is, never never allow RecSea housing kind of rear dial to be exactly on top of camera's own dial. Exactly the problem you are getting :

You said :

[quote] Most frustrating control for me was the the rotating dial on the rear panel, the one flanked by the 4 rear buttons. While the positions was perfect, this particular control was far too sensitive and would often rock in a different axis from the intended one, or activate with very light pressure. [quote]

In a Nauticam RX100, that rear dial on camera is located at the housing, totally unlike RecSea. It is on the top right hand side, next to red record button using another gear. This serves few purposes, as I learnt from Nauticam's NEX7 and D800 multi wheel controller.

01. Accidental push as you said, is minimized as the Nauticam rear rotating dial is now only a rotator and not a push button like a RecSea. I like this design, as I have a Nauticam NEX7 ( same dial set up on Nauticam's NEX5N actually ) . FYI the RX100 and NEX7 share the exact 100% same rear dial. Having the housing dial engaged the camera's dial gear to gear the Nauticam way instead of carbon copy on top of it the RecSea way, is a very precise control underwater. Thru gears one can manipulate gear ratio size where 1 finger swipe, will equal to 1 click on camera dial. In fact a NEX7 rear dial is nicer to operate by feel in the Nauticam housing, compared to land use. Same reason you mentioned, sometime the dial get accidentaly pushed when being rotated if by feel. Remember, cold water divers wear glove underwater and that makes finger sensitivity reduced. Me tropical diver can do naked finger, but still I prefer to not use eyes when operating controls, its always by touch and feel.

02. No matter how small the housing for RX100 is, to use good strobes one will need the tray. This is another reason Nauticam re-located that dial to be as high as possible and as right hand side as possible. Remember, the only two finger which we can use if a handhold on a tray grip is not to be released, are the thumbs and the index finger only. The thumb is shorter, hence buttons for thumb operation must be located as high as possible and as extreme right hand side as possible.

03. The RecSea way of carbon copy position of camera controls to housing control is a lazy designer attitude or a designer who does not take his prototype housing to dive long enough and deep enough. He seems not to understand that a camera as it is, is design for land use and not underwater use. I don't have to personally play with a RecSea but I know the mechanical fault of such rear dial carbon copy position camera to housing. Exactly as you said, its prone to accidental "ON", aside from lesser ergonomics a carbon copy button position.......... if on a big SLR housing. This is the exact reason I decided not to get D800 Sea & Sea, cheaper but there is no "user passion" from the designer/manufacturer. The designer's mind set was, quick to make & sell cheaper price. With lenses, ports, strobes and all the make-me-poorer UW gear for underwater prosumer DSLR, there is no point saving even a US$1000 for a housing, let alone US$400 price difference.

Will continue............

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