No Credible Rumors Yet???

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Re: Most credible rumours so far are these ....

How many sites you covered with this funny for the first time message?

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

As noted on PF and elsewhere ..

  • Pentax will surprise us with another mockup of the DA 560 mm lens

  • They will fill in a gap in the K-mount lens system with a new 52mm f/1.7 lens, but they are not planning a 28mm lens at all

  • They will show a few more mockup lenses for Q, but without any designation or specifics about them, or anything about the exact year of eventual shipment

  • Introduce a 645D in blue and white

  • Introduce us a new Pentax logo

  • Introduce K-01P, designed by Mark Newson's cousin Paul

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Zvonimir Tosic

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