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Re: Underwater housing for RX100

Took delivery of my Recsea RX100 housing this morning. After reading the manual and checking the housing, I took the empty housing for a test in my condo pool (2 meters deep). All went well, so popped in the RX100 and spent the next hour putting the camera+housing through its paces (or as much as you could possibly do in a pool...haha). Shot video, wide angle, macro and mucked around with color balance. The test hour was a success and the camera is soaking in a bucket of clean water right now as I write this to rid itself of the awfully strong chlorine in my pool. Will retrieve the memory card and post samples later if they're worth anything.

Quick Impressions:

I've seen and handled the Recsea and Nauticam housings for the Nex5N, which are the top of line that you can buy for the 5N, and this RX100 housing doesn't fall short. Same high quality build... bombproof feel. Its also crazy small and handles as easily as any point and shoot plastic housing, meaning to say, it actually is quite light. Without the camera inside, the aluminium housing actually floats in fresh water!

What's particularly nice about the Recsea (versus the Nauticam) is that ALL of the controls are in exactly the same positions as the camera itself, which is very nice, especially if you're already developed the muscle memory after shooting the camera a lot on land. The Nauticam appears to have repositioned the controls somewhat? The Recsea, on paper, is also smaller overall than the Nauticam, in every dimension... also nice.

All the buttons and levers worked chunkily, but reliably. The mode dial slips a bit, but I expected that since the RX100's dial is quite firm and the housing's dial engages it only via a friction contact with an O-ring. The front dial works OK too, but well lacks some finesse. I hardly use that dial for menus anyway, so it doesnt' bother me, but users who expect the same silky smoothness of the bare dial might have to get used to a coarser experience. Most frustrating control for me was the the rotating dial on the rear panel, the one flanked by the 4 rear buttons. While the positions was perfect, this particular control was far too sensitive and would often rock in a different axis from the intended one, or activate with very light pressure. During my test hour, I was constantly getting it wrong if I tried to operate the wheel with just my right thumb as I held it with my right hand. The only way to guarantee accurate activation was for me to use my left thumb and forefinger. A bit frustrating, but I suspect I'd get used to it, or improve my right thumb accuracy with more practice. I'll have to try the controls with dive gloves next time to see if operatibility suffers any without direct "finger feel".

Overall, I love this housing. It feels hewn from solid, because it is. And quite frankly, even if it is an expensive item - its a LOT cheaper than the equivalent housing for a 5N. And rated to 80 meters, this thing should endure the much shallower recreational depths (40m) that I go to with relative ease (I hope).

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