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Re: What has happened to Carl Rytterfalk?

I miss him too, a lot. He made feeling more comfortable with Sigma cameras because he was really "family" in his posts and videos.

For a time, I wanted to start the same kind of blog with my wife.

But ... as much as I enjoy Sigma cameras, I sometimes do not enjoy at all those very cameras. I can't make a propaganda blog about something who is not reliable and can be largely bashed worldwilde (banding, battery life, SPP, no ACR support ...).

In + doing this kind of blog is a HUGE amount of work, especially at the start, finding the style, the audience ... It is a huge work. Among the years it need a very serious server, that cost money ...

So ... not for me. Should be paid for that.

So, if Carl get his "sponsorship" fraged because he was (and it was just to be) p* ed about the SD1, SPP and the lens efficiency on this camera ... I do think he was right to kill his blog. If I were him, I would have erased the blog.

When doing this, you sometime "lie". You lie about a product because you need to prove it is good, even if it is not that good. I do not know Carl personally but I'm sure, absolutely sure that he is not a liar. It is not in his nature at all.

So, if Sigma give ya a SD1 and ask you to say it is good ... and it is not good at all, you speak the truth, and he did.

Carl is unique, it was a time, it was a venture. Are we nostalgics ? Am I nostalgic ? Yes. When a thing is comfortable we tend to see it as a milestone in our life's and when it is gone we miss it. That's life.

It is a "death 2.0" and a very strange feeling.


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