OT: My Pussy Riot Article

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Re: OT: Sorry...

I did read the lyrics of the song, that’s the first thing I did so as to understand what the fuss was about.

A Chorus of….. the Lord is Sh*t and Virgin Mary become a feminist and Virgin Mary put Putin away…

Its so immature, confused and offensive that the message (if it does exist) looses any real value. If they have a political message then direct that to politics, dont do it in a church do it in front of the local parliament, the worlds media would be there in a flash. BTW If we have any more feminism in this world we will need a movement to protect a species in extinction…the "functioning" male!

Im still confused as to how they want to turn the Virgin Mary into a (gay) feminist and destroy God in the process! thats a new one on me.

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