OM-D and landscapes...should I have gotten an NEX7?

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Re: OM-D and landscapes...should I have gotten an NEX7?

Learning is the way to go and first probably would be a good idea to understand more about depth of field. Consider also that em-5 has twice as more mp, as your previous 30d. I was using 40D and also had 10-22 with few other sharp lenses. I switched to panasonic g3, which looks like a bit behind em-5 in IQ. But i'm still really happy with what it delivers, amazing detail and good enough DR even for a bit of shadow pulling.

Before/after example (quite strong backlit scene), basically no noise in shadow area after editing. EM-5 can do even better.

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Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who posted a reply on this thread. I can't reply to every single person, but thank you to all. I have no abandoned the MFT format and am regrouping and hoping to learn more about this new, and to me, somewhat confusing change!

Thank you.

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