Apple, the consumer and the unemployment

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Re: Downturn

I am not doubting you. But the biggest effect as you stated so well of this 35% isnt on Apple. They do pay 35 on their local profits minus charitable deductions or whatever.... but the biggest effect of the highest corporate tax rates are on the small businesses and those are what drive the economy as they employee the majority of americans. i myself am employed at a small biz. Apple bringing jobs back wont effect the taxes my bosses have to pay that are as you said maximum rate little profit... Sounds like we agree on a lot of points but Apple and big enterprise is not the problem the Govt and its dole minions are. And your OP seemed to blame Apple and big Ent.'s exporting of jobs to other countries... Yeh thats the "effect" but the "cause" is big Govt (red and blue).
Patrick D.

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