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Re: X2 jpeg quality

RodCarlo wrote:

And the debate again starts...


Please note that the gallery pointed out above contains more X1 photos. They are all excellent in terms of overall IQ. The Leica X1 never had an issue on its IQ since it was released. It had issues on slow focus however. Nonetheless, almost everyone praised it for being a true Leica.

so what? how long is the x1 on the market and how long the x2?

The question here is about the X2. There are a few X2 photos in the gallery but they were not as eye catching as the X1's. I have seen excellent photos of the X2. But these were more of an exception than the rule. Is it more difficult to shoot? The X1 and X2 have similar controls. Is it the user? Does it have some special settings that the user has to get used to? The fact is, there are some issues on the X2. I guess each of us have our own perception. Maybe some of us are biased towards what camera we now own.

one more time for you "how long is the x1 on the market and how long the x2?", got it?

you people worry too much about tech stuff, check your photos and worry about content.

and no i don't own a x2.

As to the original query in this post, one really cannot expect much from JPEG's shot from these X series cameras. I don't think the X series were designed for JPEG's.

nothing new, so if you know this why bother and use jpg? as someone else noted above, there are for sure better jpg producing cameras on the market.

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