Illegal Immigrants

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Re: "Illegal Immigrants are major contributors" (Of Course They Are)

BRJR wrote:

In fact they contribute far more to USA society than they receive from it -- and, always have. And, lets not forget that other than the native american indians, each and every one of our sorry a$$es are immigrant ones. We should be made to take our butts back to France, England, Germany, Poland, or where ever else the heck we're from.

Here's a better idea. Let's just reconstitute under Native American culture. I plan to locate to the Iroquois League. I hope there's enough game left for us to use the skins for clothing. (Guess we'll do away with that pesky Dept. of the Interior) I wonder how many squirrels I'll need for that Fall jacket. Won't that be a hoot? Watching several thousand of us chasing the last grey squirrel in the Great Lakes region? Hah!

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