Jon Cone Resetter for 3800/3880 Waste Tank Released

Started Aug 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
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irvweiner Contributing Member • Posts: 705
Jon Cone Resetter for 3800/3880 Waste Tank Released

Cone has just released a resetter for the 3800/3880 waste tank. I'm aware of 1 or 2 others floating around but not of any details regarding its actual usage. Ignorantly, I assumed the normal resetting practice: press the chip against the resetter, wait for the blinking red/grn light to go solid and move on.

ALERT: No, not this time.

Save or get hold of a previously used waste cart that is 'full or almost full' and unable to store any more waste ink according to Epson's toll counter. Epson chose their bar graph indicator to speak backwards. A new tank shows 'full' when it is actually completely empty of any waste ink. And as it fills with waste ink shows an increasing 'emptiness'!!

For a total 'clean' reset just swap an 'empty' chip to your cart to be reset when reqd and then put it aside.

This waste tank resetter and the auto-reset normal sized (80ml) carts enables anyone to easily operate their 38xx's at greatly reduced cost and with full confidence.

Further more, note that you can continue to use your original (or new) OEM carts in parallel with the refillable systems available at present-or as a backup! But do remember to remove them before they are read as empty and 'incapacitated' by Epson-5% is a good level to pull them out. Save the chips and mark them, they may be needed for a replacement in a refillable cart. Even the remaining ink can be recovered for use.

I have just ordered the resetter and will report back-meanwhile can jtoolman and/or apotheker report back on the use of their resetters.

Here is the brief instruction sheet, renaming the 2 carts A & B can be helpful:**&_od=aHR0cHM6Ly9mb3Jtcy5uZXRzdWl0ZS5jb20*&url=

I sincerely hope that these tools will encourage many other sitting on the sidelines to join in.

Bob Petruska, jtoolman, apotheker ("pharmacist) and others have posted extensively about reliable and robust refillable systems. Now the toolkit is complete and in these challenging financial times even Mom&Pop and the kids can print affordably.

good luck to all irv weiner

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