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Nicolas Isaksson wrote:

Many thanks for your answers. It seems to me a bit dumb not to be able to record B&W raw files or with distortion correction.

Anyway, I still love this camera.

Coming from film, when I got my first digital camera (shooting RAW) I felt the same as you (though this was way before the Q.) Over time I have come to realize that you can do way more with software conversion than with the in camera B&W jpeg. One option would be to shoot RAW + JPEG and that way, if you're happy with the shot you got in jpeg (which can still be tweaked some, just not as much as the RAW) you can just keep that or, if you want the full power of RAW, you can at least reference the B&W jpeg.

Concerning the distortion correction, I don't know what software you're using but I know in Adobe Camera RAW (version 6.5 or later) you can apply the lens correction to the RAW images and it is basically the exact same as what the camera does. ALSO, the included software Sillypix might do the same... I have never tried it out personally but it is customized by Pentax to work with the camera so I wouldn't be surprised if it is possible.

Good Luck with it!

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