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Re: SONY RX100 Flash options

from my 'in progress' condensed manual (flash is stronger than I feared)

Flash Mode (rear wheel, right rocker) (methods vary depending on camera mode and shooting mode)

iAuto and iAuto+ camera modes: all methods: (off; auto ‘camera decides’; forced on ‘fill flash’; slow; rear)

(P,A,S,M) modes, all flash methods except: Auto Flash is not available.

Slow Sync method: forced flash and forced slow shutter to clearly shoot objects in a dark background

Rear Sync: flash fires before the exposure is completed every time you press the shutter
allows you to shoot a natural image of the trail of a moving object, car, etc.

The flash strobes twice. The first flash adjusts the light quantity.

While charging the flash symbol on the lcd flashes. After charging is completed, the flashing icon will light up.
flash pops up automatically, watch your fingers, you close it manually.
bend the flash back for bounced light off ceiling
cannot use flash when shooting Self-timer Continuous or Bracket Continuous

When shooting wide, in certain conditions, the shadow of the lens may be seen. If this happens, shoot slightly away from the subject to get the shadow out of the desired image, and crop the shadow out later, or, zoom in enough to eliminate the shadow.

White circular spots in flash photos

Are caused by floating particles (dust, pollen, etc.) close to the lens that are accentuated by the camera’s flash

Anti Motion Blur or High Sensitivity (scene modes for low light no flash) may help get the shot without spots

flash strength can also be made weaker or stronger.


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