Is my Hard Drive dying???

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Re: Is my Hard Drive dying???

Thanks Sky, there's a lot of information here. Tomorrow I will open the case to clean and check. Tonight, so far the computer has been perfect, but the night is not over yet. I just finished downloading all the MS updates, some failed but later were successful in installing - downloading too many at one time. I will switch to manual download.

skyglider wrote:

skyglider wrote:

If the video problem is fixed but you have other problems, then one RAM card may be intermittent since you changed the slot positions.

BTW, if you have dual channel RAM, the motherboard ram slots will be color coded with two slots one color and two slots a different color. In this case, swap the two cards in one color with the two cards of the other color. Don't swap the two cards of the same color (like one blue with the other blue) as this will not move the RAM out of video memory.

You can also run with only one RAM card plugged in. Check your user manual to see which slot that is.


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