Which lens would you buy first?

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Re: Which lens would you buy first?

Possibly, but only if you get a good deal on one. On my D800, the 70-200 VR1 I have which was wonderful on my D300 is only fair on my D800, even just off center it's just not that great. D7000 has the same pixel pitch as D800. And if you do ever go FX, I would not want a VR1 version. Actually, if you do decide on the VR1, I will sell you mine. It's a great copy, impeccable on my D300 everywhere. But just not very good on my D800.

Think about the future. Nikon seems to be leaning towards FX for the higher end of the market now, so you may end up with FX whether you want it or not in the not too distant future if you want better performance.
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