Is my Hard Drive dying???

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Re: Windows Update problem???

I think your right about the updates set to automatic, changing them to manual will be more to my liking. Tonight the computer is running perfectly???? I'm surprised! But tomorrow I will open the case and clean the fans and check all the plugs.
Thanks for your help.

Leigh A. Wax wrote:

The screen shot appears to be Windows Update trying, & failing to configure an update.

If you have Windows Update set to Automatic, it will keep repeating.

Personally, I update Manually, but I had a similar problem the "other" day: See my post:

I backup my C: system/hard drive to an external drive monthly, that way, even if you loose your hard drive, you need only to install Windows on the replacement Drive, install the Back-up Program, & restore the new drive to the last back-up of the old one. (I use Paragon).

I would first disable Automatic Windows Updates, & monitor the behaviour---- If the problem "go's away" download the win updates one at a time, & monitor the behaviour.


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