Which lens would you buy first?

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Re: Which lens would you buy first?

That depends entirely on what you shoot. My 16-85 is perfect 90% of the time on my D300 DX camera. 24 equiv is fine for what I shoot.

But more important, the holy trinity is a great combo on an FX body if your primary concern is sharpness and you intend to usually use a tripod. But not so much on DX. Too heavy, and ranges are designed for FX not DX. It is the best glass, but IMO a burdensome set on the D7000.

I will say on DX I would get the 24-70 LAST. 70-200 you will use all the time on DX, and actually that is a great lens in spite of being heavy. 24-70 is not really midrange on DX. You will IMO want the wide and tele end more with the choices you suggested.

I would get the 16-35 f4 not the 14-24, cheaper, and with the low light performance of the D7000, I think it would be fine and for me at least a more useful range leading to less lens changing. Or get the 16-85, and find just how versatile that range is and that you rarely want to put another lens on your camera, even though it is slower. My sample at least is very sharp.

YMMV. But that's my experience. My DX is D300. My FX is D800.
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