Birds in Portland OR area

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Yes, I know of many places....

Yes, I know of many places to take pictures of birds in the Portland, Oregon area, but mostly on the west side. The bird population seems less during the summer months, but you can still find something.

1) Dawson Creek Business Park (Hillsboro)
2) Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve (near Hillsboro)
3) Fernhill Wetlands Preserve (near Forest Grove)

Try this website too....

Here's a shoreline bird that I captured at Jackson Bottom in the spring. During the summer months if you sit by one of the drying ponds and keep very still hidden partially with some shrubs, you can get some good pictures if the birds fly and land there looking for food (like heron).

Canon T2i (550D), 55-250mm IS lens, ISO1600, F14, 1/800, 225mm FL

Here's what Fernhill looks like. I took this picture in the winter months. Sometimes GBH can be found along the edges of the reservoirs. Occasionally one will let you get real close, if you walk extremely slow. I have set the shutter speed to be high, and have captured them taking flight.

Canon T2i (550D), 55-250mm IS lens, ISO800, F9, 1/400, 55mm FL

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