7D firmware 2.0 & the vertical banding issue

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Re: 7D firmware 2.0 & the vertical banding issue

There are many posts that have been put on this forum that show it. If your style of photography lends itself to never wanting to lift the shadows for more details then you are 100% correct.. It is a non-issue for you. I'll even agree that unless you go looking for it, it is sometimes hard to see. It is there however, and even DPP has the ability to raise shadows to even out tonal details, so there is a call for doing just that.

JTAnFIA wrote:

I think you missed the part of my post where I stated for me it was a non-issue. The crop was purposely taken from an unprocessed image using freeware programs (Image Analyzer and Fast Stone) to go from RAW to TIFF to JPEG with no noise reduction, sharpening, or adjustments in order to give a worst case scenario. No banding monster reared its head and rendered the detail unusable. I would really like to see some 100% crops that show banding as a problem and explore what camera settings/software workflows were used.
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