Elinchrom Quadra Lithium Ion Battery Issue

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Re: Elinchrom Quadra Lithium Ion Battery Issue


I went to Focus on Imaging in Birmingham to checkout the new Lithium Quadra batteries. Having two kits I was in the market for four batteries, so £1000+ maybe with two chargers.

At no time was I told of a head issue and the £40 charge (for each of four heads!). I'd be tee'd off mightily if that happened to me after the event, which is by way of agreeing with the OP's position.

What I did do was look at the Lencarta stand. With show discount I got a two head Safari kit with two lithium batteries for £1100.

I just checked the batteries on both at rest: 29V Lencarta 13v Elinchrom.The Lencarta spec is circa 6Ah, Elinchrom 3 Ah, so ball park 4 times the energy which explains why I don't need to swap the battery during my shoots. And the spare batteries are still half the cost of the Elinchrom lithium battery.

Which all by way of saying (a) thanks for reinforcing my choice (b) I sympathise with the OP and (c) as a now former Elinchrom customer I think spending my budget elsewhere is the simplest and most direct comment a company like Elinchrom can get.



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