Clearviewer and RX100

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Answer from the VF essential crowd...

Nick has already answered.
Let me explain :

1/ I'm 62, and I need glasses to read a newspaper, or to type this answer I'm writing right now on my computer.

With my DSLR (a D90), I never need glasses for shooting, I need them only if I want to review the images on the LCD.

Without glasses, I can frame, check the settings, which are displayed below the OVF, change the settings thanks to the dedicated buttons, and take the picture.

With the P7100, I don't need glasses to use the OVF, but I do need to wear my glasses to look at the LCD and change the settings (or review the pictures), because the OVF displays no information.

2/ Using the LCD for shooting means I have to wear my glasses. That's perfectly boring. Also, I'm much more comfortable shooting with the OVF than with the LCD. To each his own.
I don't see why the "LCD crowd" cannot understand why some of us need a VF.
If you're used to use the LCD, fine.
I'm not, and I'm not alone.

I've already said it: we all know that an EVF would add some bulk to a compact. I'm OK with that. I think there is room for a compact a bit larger than the RX100, but with an EVF.

In the film days, I had a Rollei 35S: 35mm film, high quality fixed 40mm 2.8 lens, a big OVF, and a very small camera.
I'm waiting for the next compact with RX100 features and performance, and a VF.

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