The D400, will it come at all?

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Re: The D400, will it come at all?

Maybe Nikon has made a calculation that they should continue to hold off on a D400 announcement, get as many people as the can to switch to FX - and then in 3 months announce a D400. That - in the end - this will be more profitable for them. Maybe they aren't in this business to be nice.

Dks_34 wrote:

I've been waiting patiently for a D300s replacement. I don't really want to go FX and the D7000 isn't really the camera that I am looking for.

However, my one wish (and I know it isn't going to happen) would be for Nikon to say "yes there will be a D300s replacement at some point in time" or "We're moving away from high-end DX to focus on whatever they want to focus on." The frustrating part is just not knowing.

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To golf or not to golf...what a stupid question!

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