E-M5 unreliable AF behavior

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Re: E-M5 unreliable AF behavior

Anders W wrote:

I have seen several people complaing about the fact that in ordinary AF mode (selection from a grid containing one, nine or 35 rectangles), the AF area of the E-M5 cannot be made small enough (the one rectangle is still pretty big). I agree with that complaint. Sure, you can go into zoom frame AF (see p. 45 in the manual) and get a slightly smaller frame corresponding to 14x magnification. But this requires you to change to a special VF view where certain things (e.g., the highlight/shadows live view blinkies or the level gauge) are no longer visible. Inconvenient.


The more I read about the OMD and it's foibles the more I am put off.

My 5D may be heavy but it is quite simple and reliable to operate. A camera is best if it gets "out of the way" of the photographer. I might wait and see what Olympus does to improve this camera.

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