Opinion on SLR/n vs other options

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Re: Opinion on SLR/n vs other options

LR introducing noise... interesting stuff. Wondering if you are able to tell the difference in resolution from a practical standpoint....in prints? The majority of my serious prints are in 24-36 inch range, occasionally up to 48" or larger.

AlexeyD wrote:

The RPP does demosaicing in floating points - this results in better resolution and less shadow noise. It also never blurs the channels to mask noise - LR does even if you set NR to 0. Basically LR uses integer arithmetic to do demosaicing math, this introduces shadow noise because of this lacking precision in certain operations which they then try to mask by blurring the channels slightly. At least that is my understanding from what I read. RPP also produces less less moire and I am yet to see the one that cannot be removed by LR colour noise slider after RPP in TIFF file. Using some of the same RAW files directly in LR - I was not able to get rid of some moire and false colours.

Cole-Scott wrote:

I don't get frustrated w/ it, it just takes a bit more time to get to the same starting point I can in LR w/ a few clicks. Important when processing a lot of files.

I'm curious about the resolution difference you're seeing...i have not noticed it but will re-examine.

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