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Re: Question for the VF essential crowd...

Trafford wrote:

NIK11 wrote:

It's the other way round. Older people tend to be long sighted and their age in centimetres represents the nearest they can focus without glasses - so a 40 year old has nearest focal point of 40cms, aged 60 =60cms. So older peolpe would tend to hold a camera at arms length to focus (without assistance).

I am 85, my arms are not long enough to hold the camera at
85cms, with bifocals I can see the screen quite well at 15 inches,
is that about 35 cms?

Yep, good thing you never forget your glasses.

By the way, I should point out that the figures I quoted apply to me. Everyone is different in actual figures, however the near point focus does deteriate after 40 with age, for most people.

BTW a simple linen tester ($2.50 on ebay)is a lot cheaper and works quite well
as the clearviewer. Just have to cup your hand around it, folds up to about
the size of a book of matches.

Thanks. Novel approach.

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