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Re: If anything, your article showcases ignorance


Really, I don't know what we are arguing about.

Just the shear magnatude of coverage in the Western media is hugely sensationalizing. How many other Russian punk bands have ever been covered by BBC and CNN?

President Bush stated on National TV that he "talked with God" before sending troops into Iraq! How is that sorting itself out in the courts? During one of the Republican debates from the last election all the canidates were asked what passage from the Bible was the most meaningful to them and why. The current debate about gay marriage is entirely a religious issue. The US is one of the most religious modern nations on eart. All our money is minted with the words, "In God We Trust."

Regarding a "point of view," I didn't take one and because of this didn't feel that I had to present both sides.

Anyway, sorry if the peice upset you.

Vlad S wrote:

mh2000 wrote:

1. Read articles by the BBC and CNN, the story was sensationalized.

What exactly do you mean by "sensationalized?"

2. Really, you obviously don't understand US politics if you think the seperation of church and state is always observed in the US! There are states that dictate that school children be taught "Creationism" as part of their scientific education, even though there is no scientific basis to it. etc. etc. Laws on federal medical funding etc. are based on religious beliefs (IE. no stemcell research etc.).

Yes, but these matters get challenged in court and usually are overturned. Any US politician who says that Christianity is the moral foundation of the US society will be considered a right wing activist; in Russia any politician who denies that Russian Orthodox church is the moral foundation of the Russian society will be ostracized.

3. I was writing about how it is percieved in the "popularal culture" of the West, not the politically astute, there is a difference. Popular culture can be interesting to consider.

My point was that you make it seem like there is one unified view in the popular culture, where as the mass media shows not only that there are other points of view, that you for some reason left unmentioned, but also that are fairly true to the facts, while you article is not at all. See the links at the top of the post - I picked CNN and BBC, since these are the agencies you alluded to.


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