Spooky Sony NEX-5n glitch

Started Aug 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP filmrescue Contributing Member • Posts: 771
Re: Mike's second theory's most likely

Yeah...I think Mike nailed it on his second post.

The lighting is a bit of incandescent light bleed from the theatre lobby at the back of the frame, a single lithium ion (doesn't dim as batteries deplete) flashlight pointed at the theatre curtains and a very small incandescent flashlight that I light paint her with for 4 second on one side and then 2 seconds fill on the other at a greater distance. The theatre is quite dark but you can still see well enough to move around easily without bumping into stuff.

robert1955 wrote:

I wouldn't call that total darkness at all, if not for the fact that you used it to your advantage, I'd call it light pollution. Very nice images.

The OP's theatre is I think far darker. I'd be interested to know what lighting there was?

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