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Re: If anything, your article showcases ignorance

I wrote about the reaction in the West and coverage by Western Media.

1. Read articles by the BBC and CNN, the story was sensationalized.

2. Really, you obviously don't understand US politics if you think the seperation of church and state is always observed in the US! There are states that dictate that school children be taught "Creationism" as part of their scientific education, even though there is no scientific basis to it. etc. etc. Laws on federal medical funding etc. are based on religious beliefs (IE. no stemcell research etc.).

3. I was writing about how it is percieved in the "popularal culture" of the West, not the politically astute, there is a difference. Popular culture can be interesting to consider.

Vlad S wrote:

You do not represent the view of the West, you represent your own personal view based on your own personal fantasy and lack of information.

1. The article misrepresents the actual events (there was no service interruption, in fact the band specifically chose the time not to interrupt any services); the charge is not simply hooliganism, but hooliganism motivated by religious hatred, and incitement of the religious hatred, and it was the "religious hatred" aspect, not "hooliganism," that constituted the majority of the court proceedings.

2. Comparison with a white supremacist band in an American church is improper because the separation of church and state in the US is at a completely different level. For example, beginning this year all public schools in Russia have to teach "Foundations of religion" in the fourth grade. Pussy Riot were prominently protesting joining of the church and state in their lyrics.

3. Your description of the Western sentiment as "rooting for the revolution" is incorrect. Some of the people in the west indeed, perceive it this way. But the Western media coverage also highlighted the influence of the church on the state affairs, which you have completely missed.


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