70-300 f/4-5.6L or 70-200mm f/4L with 1.4x Extender?

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Re: I've waited a long time for that, but...

I don't think so. They generally don't cut in to a expensive lens with a cheaper option. In the past, yes, now, no. Look at the 400DO, that lens needs to be updated severely, but because they didn't sell a ton of them they are still on the market, trying to get rid of the rest of them. Notice during that time, they did no revise the 400 5.6 to a IS version, which what everyone begged for, and a new 100-400 also. The 400 5.6 is still selling, and so is the 100-400IS.

Until all the expensive lenses are out, and all the cheaper lenses are sold they won't give people a cheaper option. There are so many entry level people now, the cheaper telephotos are really selling again. Thats money in their pocket that doesn't cost them a cent for re-design!

I've been waiting for many years for a lighter 400IS option! Yes, some day they will come, but not right now.

The new 70-300 is a perfect example, they could have easily redesigned the 400 5.6 with IS, no, they are busy with the gold plated ones, and didn't want to cut in to the selling of them with a new reasonable 400 yet.! Everyone scratched their heads over the 70-300L, what the heck.....???

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