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Re: Question for the VF essential crowd...

millsart wrote:

I'm all for VF's whenever possible, don't get me wrong. Couldn't work without the nice big bright optical finders on my D3s's, and I've certainly enjoyed the finders on my M9 down to the Fuji X100 and have surprisingly found EVF's work pretty darn well on the NEX7 and EM-5.

Useful to have, but a true "must have" ??? I just don't get it, especially on a pocket camera.

Not getting it, probably has something to do with the type of photography you do with a compact.

Some of us have dumped bulky SLR's years ago in favour of a quality compact as our main camera. As you have hinted at, anyone wishing to shoot action, or to capture an exact moment or wishing to frame precisely in harsh lighting, then the benefits of OVF/EVF become self evident. In the case of EVF's, why must this be the preserve of large cameras? Why can't we have the equivalent on compacts?

RX100 is simply a pocket camera, that is supposed to be as compact as possible.

Right. No one is suggesting Sony should stop producing the RX100 because it doesn't have an EVF. Like minded people are saying another model, slightly bigger, with built-in EVF would fit a niche not yet filled. You don't have have to buy one if and when it materializes!

Unless your totally nearsighted I can't imagine why anyone would really hold a camera at arms length away.

It's the other way round. Older people tend to be long sighted and their age in centimetres represents the nearest they can focus without glasses - so a 40 year old has nearest focal point of 40cms, aged 60 =60cms. So older peolpe would tend to hold a camera at arms length to focus (without assistance).

Again, I'm not saying I'd want to shoot a wedding or football game without my OVF bodies, but I just don't see how its so impossible to use a LCD only option as well

If you want to frame precisely a shot into low sun whilst being surrounded by water or other reflective surfaces, I would argue that its nigh impossible with an LCD.

If we have more choice it can only be a good thing.


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