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Re: OT: My Pussy Riot Article

Google "Disturbing the Peace" and "Hate Crime" bills. You will see that religious services are protected at the federal and state level to a certain degree. You cannot burst into and place of worship, disrupt a service with hate speach and refuse to leave. At very least it becomes tresspassing in the US. Out on the street, a single person can say whatever they want. There are cases of convictions... though none in the 2 year range. Mostly fines and community service (6 months)... and a criminal record.

Regarding a shameless plug, for what? Nothing commercial about the piece and I tagged it in the subject as "OT."

As I said, most of my published writing goes with my m43 photography. I am a member of this community and there are others who enjoy my writing, some say as much as my photography. I posted this link for them. I thought it was an interesting subject.

peevee1 wrote:

Some obvious BS in the article, like:

"In fact, if a white supremacist punk band pulled a similar stunt in an American place of worship to protest the Obama Presidency, they might find themselves in a similar situation — only they could be charged with a hate crime instead of “hooliganism.”"

No they cannot, there is First Amendment for that.

And there are no photos - shameless plug.

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