Warning: Weak plastic buckles on E-5 strap

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dave gaines
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Good illustration of plastic clips on straps, thanks

Marathonianbull wrote:

Yes, the way to fasten your neck strap should be quite specific indeed! I have therefore revised all of my camera's straps recently, following Olympus' indications carefully. As a result, I have noticed a huge difference in stability; my several straps have not even slipped 1/10 inch left or right or anyhow since then, with no weight whatsoever jeopardizing the integrity of those weak plastic buckles (stabilizers):

Thanks for the illustration. Yes, that's the way I threaded mine. Any other way and the strap will tend to slip, causing the camera to shift on the strap or fall off completely.

Looking closer at the center bar of the little plastic clip now, I can also see how if that broke completely off the clip the camera could slide off the strap and fall. It's more likely to fail at one end of the bar or the other and hold the strap loosely. We should probably check these clips on a regular basis.

I haven't had a problem with clip fatigue or failure because I carry my camera and lens in a Tamrac pouch most of the time.

I can also see that many of the straps linked above rely on the same type of clip. The Black Rapid strap that hangs the camera upside down off of the tripod screw does not appeal to me at all. Only if I had several bodies to carry at once would I want to hang the camera like that. And I'd still look for a way to hang them from the strap loops.
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