Clearviewer and RX100

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Question for the VF essential crowd...

I'm all for VF's whenever possible, don't get me wrong. Couldn't work without the nice big bright optical finders on my D3s's, and I've certainly enjoyed the finders on my M9 down to the Fuji X100 and have surprisingly found EVF's work pretty darn well on the NEX7 and EM-5.

Useful to have, but a true "must have" ??? I just don't get it, especially on a pocket camera.

Make the camera bigger and sell it for $1000 and it won't be a pocket point and shoot, it will be the rumored NEX6 which is a scaled down NEX7 as I understand it

Likewise, if I wanted to put a $400 add on Sony EVF onto it, then its a going to be rather unpocketable, just like the NEX5n with the add on EVF

For that matter, good as the RX100 is, I'd prefer the NEX5n IQ if I'm going to spend that type of money on the add on EVF.

RX100 is simply a pocket camera, that is supposed to be as compact as possible.

Unless your totally nearsighted I can't imagine why anyone would really hold a camera at arms length away.

Again, I'm not saying I'd want to shoot a wedding or football game without my OVF bodies, but I just don't see how its so impossible to use a LCD only option as well

Heck, I probably shot my Fuji X100 using the LCD about 50% of the time. Further, assuming you've got an iPhone or other smartphone, and take some photos with it as most smartphone owners do, serious or otherwise, how can you get on with that ?

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