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Re: Limited options

andrbar wrote:

Thanks Nick for the info. I'm exactly in the same boat. I'm still waiting for an advanced compact with buit in usable VF...even if it is a bit larger than the RX100.
By usable VF, I mean a VF which displays the main parameters.

It could be a high quality EVF, or an OVF with shooting info overlayed, (very expensive, I'm afraid...)
Tilting lens? Do you mean tilting LCD?

Oops! Yes, I meant tilting LCD . Can't imagine a compact with tilting lens.


NIK11 wrote:

I have a 'clearviewer' on my S95.

It more or less solves the viewing problems in harsh light and allows better tracking of moving subjects. It's a cheap solution although not a particularly elegant one - it adds about 8mm(1/3") to the camera thickness and the close view is very pixelated.

Until manufacturers cotton on to the pent up demand for small cameras with EVF/OVF then the clearviewer is currently the only option. Try it.

I will likely buy the first decent small compact with built-in EVF, even if a different model increases on the S100/RX100 size to something else around 40mm thick. That's still pocketable fo me. And throw in a tilting lens please, NEX7 buyers are not the only ones wanting better handling from small cameras.


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