Current thoughts on the Canon EOS-M

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Current thoughts on the Canon EOS-M

Don't seem to spend as much time lately on Forum so not sure if any other thoughts/notes re this may have been expressed quite recently.... but just today was browsing a UK magazine and it has a pretty good big spread on the forthcoming Canon EOS-M camera,, due out in UK parts about October or so I believe..

But I was certainly taken aback a bit ..and was beginning to wonder...IF indeed this does turn out anything like it SEEMS it should.. then the question has to be... what sort of affect is this going to have on the M4/3 market...

As far as I understand it..this will in fact take pretty well any general lens in the Canon market.. that is ..standard dSLR lenses.. that alone gives a massive gain on the more restricted M4/3 range I'd say....

But what DID catch my eye..AND I must say whet the appetite a showed a pic of the camera body ...fitted with a 22mm lens.. and boy...was THAT neat. Short of seeing true actual measurements - although the pic alone was really enough to allow for what surely is a very good educated guess..that body+22mm seemed hardly any different to the very well accepted modest size of such as several M4/3 such as the Pana GX1 - G5 (or earlier.) and others like that.. it really did look SO much the same and definitely as carryable as any of the regular M4/3 that you can think of (other than perhaps such as the Pens of course..)

I bear in mind that only a few days ago I saw a UK ad about the new Pana G5..and it certainly damped MY enthusiasm for any change when I found that the G5 BODY alone is going to list at I think 700 UKP here... THAT's a pretty hefty sum when you think that any new buyer has to buy a lens as well...this Canon EOS-M is said to be possibly starting at a list price of 700 UKP BODY only.. so clearly there is not going to be such a big difference in start price.. and you CAN of course get quite a few very nice dSLR lenses (Canon) that will obviously fit this EOS-M and should not be much different to any M4/3 setup....

Times are changing I think... and THIS I'm sure is now seen to be Canon's way of coping with the M4/3 market which I suppose has had some affect on them.

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