Apple, the consumer and the unemployment

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Dude they have no obligations but to make products people want to buy... thats the only thing they owe us besides not dumping pollutants, or making unsafe products. Companies dont owe us anything, and thinking so is the main problem.. "Oh they have plenty of money they need to 'help the less fortunate'." No they should want to but it is their money.

"Oh they need to make products more affordable" ... No you (general term) need to get a better paying job or go back to school to get trained on something to get one.

"Oh they need to bring jobs back to America." Yeh that would be nice but no company will until 35% corporate tax goes down to make it an option. Also, when there are 100s of pages of regulations just on hiring someone probably 1000s and the costs to go along with them we have two choices... Let apple and other companies raise prices to make up for the time and money they lost, or move the jobs over seas so we have a modicum of a prayer of affording these things.

Apple isnt purposely thumbing their noses at the US people the US government is kicking their ass out because the Govt has over 49 million mouths to feed and over 20million illegals and countless lazy ass US citizens on the HealthCare dole. So with these burdens they think OMFG we have to have more $$$ lets raise taxes to increase revenue... I could go on but you can see this vicious little cycle. (See high taxes = no US jobs above) - edit to reference above

In summation until we get a majority of people off the dole and back at work earning some freaking self respect and pride in their lives the taxes will stay high and countries like China and India etc will continue to make gains and surpass the US in terms of economic production.

We are guaranteed equal opportunity not equal outcomes... you want equal outcomes move to Russia tell me how that works for ya.

Far as all the wall street stuff when there are 10 or more financial services lobbyists for every man and woman in the legislative branch they bumbling idiots on WS will not be punished nor ousted for their wrong doings... This Wall Street "crime wave" is neither red nor blue, and their are plenty of regulations in place if the authority puppets and their masters in D.C. would enforce the laws. Nothing else needs added to the books just need to read and enforce the books.
Patrick D.

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