Lens Aberration - Importance and Removal?

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Re: Lens Aberration - Importance and Removal?

WilliamDP wrote:


If your lens is not in Adobe's profiles, what profile do you use to perform corrections for that lens? One created by yourself, or one created by another user and uploaded to the Adobe server?

In terms of stitching, I have performed a (very limited) amount of this myself. I haven't used Adobe software for this purpose, but rather Hugin or Autostitch. I've found these to perform excellently. Having said that, I've stitched images of natural scenes, so any undulations that exist are less likely to be apparent. Image stitching is not a trivial task, and I would expect that it's success (in terms of the undulations for example) is very much image dependent. Lens distortion can also significantly affect the quality of the stitch - I would expect better results to be achieved if lens distortion is removed prior to performing stitching.

Actually, correction for lens distortion is part of the stitching process, at least for well-developed software such as those you mention. Corrections for barrel and pincushion distortion are part of the equation that is used to warp each image to match the others, and assuming the capture was done well, the panorama should come together well even for lenses with severe distortion. There are limits however: lenses with complex (moustache) distortion aren't necessarily going to be handled as well. But I've never had a problem with that.

When I prep my raw pictures in ACR for a panorama, I apply the default lens correction for that lens, but then move the Distortion slider to zero, and let the stitching program (PTGui) handle the warping holistically.


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