Underwater housing for RX100

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Re: Underwater housing for RX100

Hi Ryan,

Not really say very deep diving and then you need quality housing. In Japan, cheapo housings like those made by Sony or Canon or Olympus is not a favorite housing for their Canon S100 and whatever small baby cameras. People do pay for quality housing, not a big market,

Quality housing is not only tough but you can add a lot of extras too, like UW strobe which cost as much as RX100 for a decently good unit but not too big ( US$699 ) and their guide number is 24 on land. One must use two units underwater for wide angle and don't expect it will reach a subject more than 2 meters ha ha ha. The wide angle lens adaptor, wet lens from say Inon ( Japan ) cost US$500+, so again it is a lot of cost to get quality image underwater.

See this RX100 testing, macro , some with +10 diopter:

http://nauticam.smugmug.com/HousingTests/NA-NX100/24539952_6RWckV# !i=2003882667&k=HQxpcDZ

That +10 lens used to add magnification cost approx US$500, if I am not wrong.

It is cheaper to take great photo or video on land, but super expensive to do the same underwater and lots of mother nature limitations too.

RX100 complete for wide angle and macro underwater with all thrown in = Appprox US$3,000 for the supporting hardware, excluding camera itself.

You bring down an Oly EM-5 underwater and go super wide with Zuiko lens, must use Dome Lens Port, the bloody dome port alone ( glass ) can cost like US$2,000, all in the name of less distortion.

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