Lens Aberration - Importance and Removal?

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Re: Lens Aberration - Importance and Removal?

Lensfun appears to have a database of lens profiles for corrections. And as you rightly point out the limitation here is a data limitation. This gets to the crux of the issue I think, which is whether it is better to supply the lens profile to the user (third party supplied), or to enable the user to generate his/her own lens profile (user generated).

The third party supplied case has the advantage that it is less (almost no) effort on the part of the user, but the disadvantage that he/she must rely on a third party to generate the profile for each of their lenses. This can lead to a delay for new lenses.

The user generated case has the advantage that the user is in complete control of what lens profiles he/she has (no reliance on third party), but the disadvantage that there is (some) more effort required on the user in terms of creating the profiles.

DxO and PTLens are firmly in the 'third party supplied' case, along with AfterShot Pro and Capture One. Adobe have compromised between the two cases, by allowing user generated profiles to be shared between users. The problem I see here is the lack of consistency of user generated profiles. For example a user may generate a profile for a zoom lens at only one focal length, thus it would not be suitable for the correction of images shot with that lens but at different focal lengths).

From my (limited) research it seems that most photographers have approx. 3 lenses (that get any sort of regular use). Hence the commitment of 1 hour per lens to generate lens profiles does not seem an undue burden on the user.

I guess it's a question of time commitment versus correction accuracy and availability.... I'd be interested in getting photographers' opinions on this.

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