What's with LR4?

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What's with LR4?

So, I checked on LR4 now, sometime after its release and am amazed.

Upon initial release, I immediately figured I would have to revise all my workflow in order to effectively work with LR4, so I left it on stand-by.

I see now, from several user reports, that not only that is true but it can even encompass more steps to achieve similar results. In addition, they are several reports of very poor speed performance.

I was re-checking this out, since I upgraded to a new PC but no, thank you very much, I'll stay with LR3.

I cannot believe how brands actually don't' mind to hurt the reputation of a best seller product, only to guarantee timely releases in obedience to the " we must release something new " credo.

“Loose praise may feed my ego but constructive criticism advances my skills”
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