Capture One Pro 6 for half price €114,50!

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How many angels on the head of a pin?

What no one is mentioning...

First off, as far as the look/quality goes, does anyone know about Base Characteristics? As far as how C1 conversions go, this has by far the most initial influence on the look of the files. The default is Film Standard, change this to Linear Response to see the chalk and the fromage.

Dont know how to find it? Then you don't know about one of the other main advantage, which is the ease of configuration of the workspace. Go to the Adjustments Tab and right click. Add, subtract and rearrange tools to suit yourself.

No waiting for imports and exports. Go to the Library Tab and navigate to the target folder, wait 5 seconds and your underway.

Press Shift + Plus or Minus to add or subtract 50k to the WB, Control/Command+Shift + - and Tint is moving with other shortcuts for Exposure, Contrast and Saturation. When you have to edit hundreds of files a day, as I do, I cannot stress how much time these shortcuts save. As well as this, until you have used the Advanced Colour Editor in combination with the Layer Brush, you have no idea of the elegance of Capture 1 Pro.

Happy with your edit? Press Control/Command+D and it's on it's way, move to next file, no ing dialogue box interrupting you, basically forcing you to wait until you have either completed the job or built up a reasonable bank to make the interruption worthwhile before exporting. And you can output as many different sizes and formats as you can make presets with that on press of the key. Again, I cannot emphasise how much time this saves.

Lightroom has the advantage of selective WB, but, as far as I am concerned that is it. I'm sure that when C1 Pro 7 is released that, plus more will be available, a, I'm sure will be better integration with Media Pro, a great application butchered by Microsoft and sadly now second rate.

When you are looking at everything at 100% counting Angels is all to easy, cherubs as far as the eye can see. But when you have work to do, day in, day out, it is very easy to understand the advantages Capture 1 Pro.

And why does Adobe have such fugly interfaces?



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