V1 - worth buying?

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Re: V1 - worth buying?

Tord S Eriksson wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

Yes, facts are facts. I don't know about the J1, but the V1 is better than any Oly mirrorless if you shoot raw. Maybe not if you use it as a P&S and only JPEG OOC, but in general, I think the V1 is better values for money than any Olympus camera. I found all Oly to be poor in AF and the lenses are less than great and definitely worse than the N1 dual zoom. Yes, the sensor is larger, but what good does it do if you can't use it above ISO800? The N1 is usable without any problems even higher. Anyway, the optional Oly EVF makes the camera huge. With lenses equivalent with the 10-30 and the 30-110 the Oly kit is also quite large.

The wife's OM-D has an amazing AF, faster and more exact than the V1's, to my sorrow!

And the OM-D's sensor works very well at ISO 3200, where the V1 starts to struggle. In very dim light the excellent anti-shake of the OM-D shows that it is quite a bit better than that in the V1's lenses (the 10 has no anti-shake, by the way).

Sorry, but after having had an E-3 for about two years I prefer lens based IS and not sensor shift. I find the VR of the V1 lenses I have excellent and need nothing better.

To avoid fuzzy pictures with the V1 in low light, change to S, instead of Auto, or A! 1/60 sec is a good setting, unless you're a very steady lad ;-)! With the wider lenses (10 & 10-30) you can lower the exposure time further.

Yes, if you feel that the V1 uses too low shutter speed S or M mode is the one to be used. Did you install the new firmware? Does it make any difference?

Both the OM-D and the V1 are amazingly capable, compared to what similar cameras managed just a few years back. Earlier PENs (including E-P3) used an old style sensor, thus were pretty bad in low light, while the closest comparable to the V1 I guess is the Pentax Q, which uses an even smaller sensor!

Yes, I am pretty sure that the OMD is also very nice. What I dislike about it is the extremely loud shutter and the feeling of the shutter smashing the side. I don't know if the shutter moves sideways but it certainly feels like it does. It feels as it is as loud as my D300s though I did not use them side by side. One thing is sure, the V1 is much quieter even with the mechanical shutter. I don't know about the Pentax Q and I am not very interested in even smaller sensors. The DOF is already painfully deep with the V1 so I don't want a smaller sensor camera.

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