Replacement for Olympus E-620 - OM-D or Nikon?

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Re: Replacement for Olympus E-620 - OM-D or Nikon?

I also own the Olympus e620 and I absolutely love it, it's a great camera however I do understand the situation that the OP is in.

I've had the camera since it was released and used it extensively nearly every day and many of my photos have been sold and printed on large canvases. It produces excellent and sharp quality images. They're a little noisy but nothing I didn't already expect from Olympus and nothing that can't be corrected.

I suffered similar issues (and still do) when it comes to low light. In fact low light performance is shockingly bad. I managed to fix the focusing problems by using the FL36R, as it has it's own AF assist instead of the built in strobe which I've always hated.

It is, as others have said, mostly down to user error. There are settings and techniques that the photographer can use to improve the performance.

I don't regret owning this camera, at all. I believe that the quirks if this camera have made me a better technical photographer, the scenes I've struggled with have encouraged me to learn why it went wrong and learn from my mistakes. In some cases, using full manual controls is the only way to get the camera to behave, if you don't know how to use manual controls then go learn about it and try again.

As the OP has said, the difference other cameras I've used (such as the D90), is that they're much more forgiving in their automatic or semi-automatic modes. I've picked up a Nikon D90 and snapped away with any settings not even trying and it is much easier to take cleaner, sharper and more balanced looking images without any experience with the camera at all.

On the flip side, I've had Nikon/Canon users struggle with the e620, simply because it's less forgiving and you need to know how to use it. You can't simply pick up and go with the e620.

The e620 is a camera you have to ask nicely, you have to massage it and learn its personality. The other cameras such as the D90 don't really have a personality, they're just tools to take pictures.

I believe that the e620 is a photographers camera and if you're not a photographer, you will eventually become one by using it. I'm glad this was my first major SLR, because if I started with a friendly, easy to use D90 I might not have felt the need to learn more about photography if the camera was doing all the work automatically.

Of course I understand that people don't have time to learn all this and that's fine, but maybe the e620 isn't the right camera for you. If all you want to do is take nice pictures without the technical learning curve of photography, then there's probably other tools for the job.

Most of this is referring to low light scenes, throw a normal bright scene at this camera and it performs just as well as any other. I do some clubbing photography which is naturally a dark environment, this is where this camera truly struggles.

I've often thought about moving on to Nikon. I've had my eye on the Nikon D7000 since it was released, which I may make the switch eventually. But for now, I think I've still got more to learn from my e620.


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