The RX100 digital zoom is amazing!

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Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams Contributing Member • Posts: 598
Re: The RX100 digital zoom is amazing!

I don't know how the RX100 compares, but the HX20V's Clear Zoom can be pretty much emulated with a little work in Photoshop — it's essentially a case of upscaling, then doing some basic correction (sharpening, perhaps noise reduction). The results are about the same, maybe slightly better if you're really precise in Photoshop and understand the tools.

Basically Clear Zoom does about as good a job as is possible when upscaling images. I assume it's detecting exactly what level of zoom is being used and then using the appropriate amount of sharpening, etc; which is what's done in Photoshop, except manually and relying upon the eye to get it right.

I personally will stick to manual post-processing, however for those who don't like to spend much time in Photoshop and find the mere thought of the above laborious it's a great alternative and one that should be in all cameras in future rather than the relatively lazy 'digital zoom' which produces mushy results.

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