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I am sorry you feel that way and of course my essay is a matter of personal opinion, so it is naturally open to subjective disagreement.

It has already had one of the fastest growing readerships of any blog post I've yet made and has generated a lot of (so far entirely positive and constructive) correspondence and comment, a small portion of which you can see above in this thread. Some negative feedback would be a useful counterbalance and might add very usefully to a debate which, to me, is more interesting and useful than another broken gear thread. So whilst I appreciate your comment, I can't help but wish you had chosen to flesh it out slightly more specifically - 'no clue' is a bit broad.

On another note, and sorry to bring it up here but I can't find the thread, I noticed elsewhere how extremely prone you were to making negative comments to other people in a wide variety of threads and I asked if you'd mind posting a link to some of your work: I think if one is to be consistently critical, on needs, in order to retain credibility, to establish some basis of practice oneself from which to shoot. So just a gentle reminder..


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tashley wrote:

I'm about to start a series of Featured Guest Photographers on the blog, some of whom will be drawn from these very forums. The first one, due in the next few days, will be someone very familiar to many of us here in the d4/d800 forum...

Today's post, entitled 'What is Fine Art Photography?' is intended to provide an introduction to the series. Not everyone will agree with my criteria...

Sorry, but you have absolutely NO clue as to what you are talking about!

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