Adobe DNG - Revisited

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Re: Adobe DNG - Revisited

joey_B wrote:

selwynbr wrote:

... Also, there are no .xmp files to lose as no changes have been made.

That isn't always an advantage... when you are doing incremental backups, whenever you change a DNG's setting just a bit, the WHOLE file has to be transferred. When using XMP sidecar files, only the little XMP-file has to be updated. When you do off-site backups that's quite a bandwidth-hog.

I don't do off-site backups, so this is no problem. Backup time is fast and not critical for me.

I don't know how you save 50%. I usually save about 25% on Canon files. The very odd occasion where I have run out of memory and use a smaller raw format in the camera, changing to DNG actually increases the size of the file>

You do use the new DNG-converter with the lossy compression option, or the old one that 'just' converts?

I use the latest DNG converter, but I don't check the lossy compression option as it says there may be some loss of image quality. I guess using this option will save a lot more space, which is not critical for me.

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